Nepal Youth Foundation

NYF transforms the lives of impoverished Nepali children by providing them with what should be every child's birthright – education, housing, medical care, and loving support.

The Nepal Youth Foundation was founded by Olga Murray in 1990. It has an office in Sausalito, California, USA, and conducts its programs throughout the Himalayan country of Nepal.

All India Disaster Mitigation Institute -

AIDMI is a non-governmental organization based in Gujarat, India. It is a community-based action research, action planning and action advocacy organization. It works towards bridging the gap between policy, practice and research related to disaster risk mitigation and reduction. As an operational as well as learning organization it is able to link local communities with national and international policies of relief and long-term recovery.

Krapavis - Krishi Avam Paristhitiki Vikas Sansthan

KRAPAVIS is an organization for the development of ecology and agriculture and livestock, works with a clear mission: the betterment of ecological, agricultural and livestock practices with a view to ensuring sustainable livelihoods for rural pastoral communities in Rajasthan, India.


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HOPE Enterprises - Ethiopia

The mission of HOPE is to provide hope for the needy in Ethiopia through holistic human development. They strives to help individuals in need to help themselves out of hopelessness.

HOPE has developed a strategy of intervention, targeting exclusively the poorest of the poor, in a sequence of building blocks called the ladders of Hope. Over 20 projects are underway in five of the nine states of Ethiopia. Recently, HOPE has further expanded the scope to higher education with the founding of the HOPE University College.

HOPE has designed a mechanism of service delivery that avoids the kind of dependency that sometimes comes with charitable work. The Ladders of HOPE is a strategy of intervention that takes a participant through integrated building blocks toward independent living and self-sufficiency. With an emphasis on individual effort, personal responsibility is invoked and encouraged, building confidence and initiative to reinforce self-determination.